Friday, 25 June 2010

Breaking the Enterprise Barrier with Innovative Business Software

MindGenius converts major companies to the power of mind mapping software

MindGenius, a leading supplier of Business Information Mapping Software, have announced the growing adoption of their mind mapping software. MindGenius sales have achieved 3- fold growth from last year with as many as 100,000 licenses being sold in the first quarter of 2010. In total, the company has now sold software licenses to over 600,000 users, as both individuals and managers discover the easily learned power of MindGenius to fuel creative thinking, improve comprehension and buy-in, and drive better business results.

In the first two quarters of 2010, MindGenius signed a series of large, global enterprise wide agreements representing thousands of software licenses for their V3.5 business software with major companies including PZ Cussons, Baker Hughes, Champion Technologies and Konica Minolta.

Dustin Newport, commercial director, MindGenius said: “This represents an unprecedented leap in adoption of our unique productivity tool and all sales have been generated through our UK operation. Our ‘lean’ sales approach using web based conferencing and collaboration, has proved to be the key to the success of the MindGenius sales teams. Companies get a thorough grounding in the software’s many business applications and benefits in a condensed time frame which is efficient and cost effective for both potential customer and MindGenius.”

The MindGenius mind mapping tool helps companies to improve the quality and productivity of project planning and management, team collaboration and communications, business meetings and presentations, customer and sales interactions, brainstorming and content development. The interactive mapping software offers a transformative, but easily learned, way for organisations to change the way business professionals interact with information, ideas and each other to create innovation and change.

Newport continues: “MindGenius transforms chaos into clarity by allowing individuals and teams to quickly map out and understand complex concepts, programs and plans using a highly visual and intuitive format and this is now being recognised by companies as time after time we are proving a business case for its value in the enterprise.”

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