Thursday, 13 May 2010

Customer Spotlight Edition

In this issue, we would like to focus on how some of our customers are using MindGenius for more than mind mapping. Hopefully this will give users old and new inspiration on different ways they could be applying MindGenius, or different features that they might not have discovered yet.

While MindGenius is based around the concept of mind mapping, it allows users to apply the concept to a multitude of different tasks and job roles: the common theme being the need to effectively manage large amounts of data.

This quarter has seen MindGenius add many more individual users, as well as Enterprise deployments, to its user base. With more than 600,000 users, MindGenius is fast-becoming the mind mapping tool of choice for both business and education.

Baker Hughes, an oilfield services company with operations in over 90 countries, is using MindGenius to manage projects, and facilitate virtual meetings; in particular they have found real value in how quickly ideas can be captured in MindGenius, as well as the addition of the integrated Gantt view. Read more:

Young Enterprise Scotland are using MindGenius intensively to prepare and set exams for 1500 young people across Scotland. In this article John Bothams explains how he used MindGenius’s categories and filtering to analyse past exam papers, enabling new and better balanced papers to be designed. Read more:

West Kent College have had a MindGenius site licence for 6 years and students, tutors and lecturers have access to the software across the campus. In this issue we look at how the Dyslexia Department are using MindGenius to help their students reach their full potential. Read more:

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