Friday, 9 April 2010

Selling: presenting rights and wrongs

In testing economic times, sales departments have more of a challenge on their hands to maintain sales figures, let alone improve upon them. With this in mind, The Times recently (March 24th) produced a supplement which focused on ways to improve sales performance. This included new ways of undertaking Sales presentations with “Selling: presenting rights and wrongs” taking a look at different presentation methods, including how MindGenius is helping sales staff at Birch Worldwide.

Tony White, Managing Director of Birch believes MindGenius mind mapping software energises the creative process behind building sales presentations, and allows sales staff in the UK, Singapore and California to collaborate in virtual meetings. They work together to build a visual representation of the major and minor topics that need to be included in the presentation. Using MindGenius, the sales team can concentrate on relevant ideas and themes and leave the formatting of the presentation until the key messages and content are complete.

Many team members also prefer to present from MindGenius and find that clients are intrigued by the different approach. This method allows client comments and observations to be captured on the map so everyone is clear on objectives and requirements.

Take a look at page 18 of the supplement to read the article in full:

Do you have any tips on improving sales presentations?

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