Friday, 9 April 2010

How I use MindGenius - Managing Multiple Projects

Paul Callaghan is Products Director at Gael Ltd and has been a MindGenius user for many years. It’s Paul’s role to manage multiple projects across multiple department disciplines at Gael.

His recent projects include Q-Pulse Version 5.7, Offline Occurrence Reporting and API's, which are all due for delivery in April and were all being managed within MindGenius mind mapping software. While MindGenius was helping Paul get clarity on what needed to be done, he realised resources and tasks where repeated across projects, for example, each required a website update, staff training and support updates.

Paul decided to use the new Gantt view to get a more specific view on task due dates.

Firstly, he pulled the three project maps into one and added key target dates, eg mid month/ end of month and resources within the map view.

When he then switched to Gantt view he scheduled tasks, linked tasks, and outlined dependencies. The Gantt view enabled him to get more refinement of dates and resources. Additionally, he could see at a glance the relationship of tasks to each other and how they impacted each other.

Whereas the map had offered him clarity on what and how tasks needed to be completed, the Gantt view offered additional clarity on final timings and scheduling. Paul’s overall project management activity became focused more on and driven by the Gantt view, which in turn made milestones more visual and manageable.

Fig 1 Gantt view using Map Explorer to focus in on the Services section of the overall project.
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This month's hints and tips ties in with the article above:
Hints and Tips - using Notes for project commentary

Using MindGenius for project management traditionally may have included gathering lots of project “commentary,” for example on how tasks should be completed, or important factors to consider. This was Paul Callaghan’s experience, and meant that when he switched to Gantt view the additional commentary about the project was added as tasks in the Gantt view.

To overcome this, Paul removed this commentary into the branch notes. Paul was then able to get even more clarity on the actual tasks required for each project by removing this discussion element

The resulting Gantt view contained only actual tasks, while the commentary was still relevant and visible in the Gantt view via the notes pane.

Fig 2. Gantt view with Notes Editor docked
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Have any users stories they would like to share on how they are managing projects in the new Gantt view?

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Mika Pyyhtiä said...

Good tip. With comments WBS can be higher level picture in MG GANTT and tool can be used showing status&milestones of the project to project director without unnecessary clutter.

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