Monday, 8 March 2010

Why use Templates?

Templates are maps that already have content, i.e. branches that you would normally enter anyway when starting a particular task. Templates are generally seen as quick start, time saving resources.

However, they are also a great way to share knowledge, create comprehensive content and gain consistency within work produced.

MindGenius mind mapping software has always contained templates for Problem solving, SWOT analysis, reports, etc. and these can be accessed via the Tools ribbon \ Templates icon.

To create a template from any map, simply select Application Menu \ Save as \ MindGenius Template.

Create templates for any content that you use regularly, eg, Meeting agendas, Stages of a project, Sections of a report, etc.

Personal Templates are stored in My Documents\My MindGenius Templates

If you want to share templates with other users you can copy the templates from your My Documents\My MindGenius Templates directory to the other users My Documents\My MindGenius Templates directory. It is also possible to set up a Workgroup location (needs to be a network location) to allow users to create, store and share templates.

Personal and Workgroup templates can be accessed by selecting Application Menu \ New \ From other Template.

Once you start to use templates you will realize more and more opportunities to standardize you content across the team.

Try creating templates for; Tender documents, Project implementation plans, Sales management process, Specification documents, Checklists, Audits, etc.

Fig 1: Template for an IT Implementation Project
Please click image for full screen view

What do you have templates for, would you be willing to share your templates with other users?

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