Friday, 5 March 2010

How I use MindGenius - Test Engineer

Edward Rider has been a Test Engineer at MindGenius for over 2 years and has worked on a number of large projects, including the MindGenius V3 release in 2009 and the most recent Version 3.5 project.

As one of the test engineers at MindGenius, my main role is designing and executing tests. Currently the Business V3 application can be broken down into 134 different functions such as the notes editor and brain storming timer. Each function contains a set of individual test cases and in total there are over 3000. Day to day I might have to jump in and out of several different functions looking at specific details in each test case keeping them up to date with revised specifications which come down from the design department. As well as keeping on top of that, I may have to juggle other projects.

It can be difficult concentrating on one very detailed specific part of one function and then all of a sudden having to drop what I’m doing to look at something completely unrelated, then having to return to the first task only to find that I’ve completely lost track of where I was and what I was doing. MindGenius primarily helps me to keep track of where I am in a certain project, what I am looking at and what I need to do next.

When the design department hand me an updated specification for a project, I read through and identify every area of test cases which need to be updated, group by function. Then, as I complete the update on that specific task, I use the in place categories gallery to assign a tick, and work my way backwards until that function is complete.

Fig 1 Sample Map - Zoomed in list of actions showing progress made
Please click on the image for a full screen view

It instantly allows me to see what function I am working on, and what its status is. Having only the level 1 branches visible straight away gives me an indication of where I was, if I suddenly have to go look at something else.

The level 1 branches here are the names of the functions I am currently working on. I can see that I have completed the updates for functions 0038, 0006 and 0099, I don’t have to go pouring through the specifications and double checking whether I have finished updating the tests in that area.

Fig 2 Sample Map - Test Map with only Level 1 branches displayed
Please click on the image for a full screen view

I can see that 0112 is the only outstanding area which I need to work on, so expanding the level 1 branch and focusing on it allows me to have a quick scan of the categories assigned so I can identify which areas still need to be completed.

Overall, using MindGenius helps me to keep on top of my priorities when working on a large amount of tasks.

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