Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Free Gantt upgrade available for Version 3 customers

MindGenius 3.5 has now been released and this version is free to all MindGenius Version 3 customers. Upgrade to this version to access an integrated Gantt view, giving you extensive project management capability within MindGenius without the need to export to other applications.

If you are an existing V3 customer, simply download the latest trial version of MindGenius from This will automatically update your installation. There is no need to uninstall earlier versions of MindGenius 3 and your product will still be activated.

The Gantt view has been seamlessly integrated with the key MindGenius Map Explorer feature providing the ability to focus on specific areas of the project plan, making it much easier to plan and schedule projects, easily switching back and forward between the map and Gantt views which are continually in sync with each other.

If you are new to Version 3, visit to download the 30-day free trial. Even if you have downloaded a trial of previous versions of MindGenius, this will give you another 30 day free trial version.


Anonymous said...

Can we use this on a mac yet?

MindGenius said...


While we don't have a specific Mac version, we have had feedback from a number of our clients that they have run MindGenius successfully using a Windows emulator on a Mac.

MindGenius have carried out in-house testing using a Virtual PC Win 2000 emulator running on an OSX, G4 Mac system and found MindGenius performed well in this environment.

If you have a Windows emulator on your Mac, our 30 day free trial version will run on it.


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