Friday, 5 February 2010

Mind Mapping anger management classes re-engage pupils

Using MindGenius has helped St Andrews High School in Coatbridge to get pupils with behavioural issues re-engaged and involved in classes.

Former Head Teacher Harry Hughes used MindGenius as the platform for anger management classes to allow pupils to discuss their feelings and explore coping strategies.

Working with the school, Mr Hughes recognised that using a visual medium would help him create a compelling foundation for getting pupils interest and attention. By logging the feedback, thoughts and concerns of pupils in a map they could see their contribution and felt compelled to interact. The students are now involved and engaged in classes.

Harry feels that “MindGenius allows students to see all the information in context, with words, pictures, links etc. They can see the value and relevance of their contributions and this helps them understand the subject more effectively. The software supports lots of different learning styles and helps every student feel like an equal.”

Fig 1: Anger Management sample map

This aspect of MindGenius seems to be what makes it particularly popular with teachers of students with learning difficulties and differences. This subject has become a hot topic of late with Henry Winkler, formerly the Fonz in the US sitcom Happy Days, launching a campaign called my Way to raise awareness of those with learning difficulties.

Did you see MindGenius at the recent BETT exhibition on the Iansyst stand?


dancilhoney said...

I love this post and I love your blog.
I am going to apply those techniques.
Thank you very much your blog helps me.
anger free

MindGenius said...

Hi honey,

Thanks for your comment and I am glad you are finding the MindGenius blog useful. If you have any questions on anything we discuss, please get in touch and we'll be happy to answer them.


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