Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Speedo use MindGenius for Research and Development

To survive in these turbulent times, companies must continue to develop and revise their design and range of products, particularly in those industries that are competitive and fast-moving. To do this effectively requires Research and Development teams to have the ability to work with large amounts of information and to easily plan out how to implement proposals.

MindGenius allows users to gather information and data from a variety of sources, consider all available options, decide which path to follow and report back on decisions made, as well as work out a plan to implement ideas.

One company who has been using MindGenius for R&D, is one of the world’s best recognised swim brands, Speedo. Dr Tom Waller, Head of Speedo’s Aqualab, explains how he and his team have been applying MindGenius:

“For more than 80 years Speedo has delivered high performance and technical credibility and it is Aqualab, Speedo's global research and development facility, that is wholly responsible for delivering the innovation and technical advances required to maintain Speedo's status as the World’s best swim brand. This is a constant and demanding task that requires immense complexity and coordination.

Speedo Aqualab utilises MindGenius 3 for ideation and reporting activities and we use this unique software to collate data from scientific and sporting communities as well as the commercial, production and supply chain activities within the business. The seamless integration with other day to day software is particularly important to enable more effective planning, management and presentation of projects.”
Dr. Tom Waller
Head of Aqualab, Speedo International Ltd.

Does your organisation have experience of using MindGenius within this environment and do you have any tips you would like to share with other MindGenius users?

The SPEEDO word and the ARROW device are registered trade marks and used with the permission of Speedo Holding B.V.

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