Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Keep your New Year’s resolutions on track

Over-indulgence and the festive period often go together hand in hand and many New Year’s resolutions seem to include getting fitter, eating better or drinking less.

However good your intentions may be, it can be difficult to keep on track, even for the whole of January. It might be cold and dark outside, being back at work might be stressful, or you might simply be too busy to keep on top of things, which leads us to fall back into old routines and give up on our resolutions.

So, should we just give up the concept of New Year’s resolutions, or can we make it easier for ourselves to keep up the good work?

Research has shown that it takes around 30 days to develop a new habit, whether good or bad, and given the fact that the average resolution lasts for 5 days, it is obvious why most people’s resolutions do not succeed. You need to keep up with your good habit for at least 30 days in order for it to become a part of your life.

One way to do this can be to break down your one major goal into smaller chunks to make it more manageable.

For example, if you want to exercise more, there’s probably no point in pushing yourselves to do 2 hours of exercise a day, and giving up after a few days because you don’t have the time, or energy to fit it in. Instead you need to work out small steps you can take to achieve this goal, for example, fitting in short bursts of exercise whenever you can such as walking more, taking the stairs rather than the lift, or gardening. To start with aim to exercise for 10-15 minutes a day and work that up to at least 30 minutes every day.

MindGenius can be used to help you break down your goals. You can quickly pull together a daily, weekly or monthly plan of attack for your objectives and amend it or expand on it whenever required. In this case, you may want to create an initial 30 day plan to ensure your new healthy activity becomes a habit.

Take things slowly and don’t give up – if you don’t meet your objectives one day, start again the next day. It’s also positive to use your map as a visual record of how many steps you have taken towards your ultimate goal.

Have you ever used MindGenius for tasks like this? In my experience, the more you use MindGenius, the more you will find yourself using it as the starting point for many things in not only your business life, but also in your personal.

Do you have any interesting uses of MindGenius (work or personal) that you would like to share with other customers?

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