Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Hints and Tips - Editing Question Sets

Question sets were introduced to MindGenius in Version 2.5 in January 2009. We introduced SWOT type questions for facilitators to use as prompts to keep brainstorming sessions going and Who/What/Where/When/Why type questions to ensure well rounded analysis of problems.

Responding to user demand, we added the ability to edit the existing question sets, as well as the ability to create your own to Version 3, which was released in October 2009.

Users were then able to create question sets specific to their business processes. For example, the sales qualification process where Questions can be added by an individual sales manager or team leader to ensure a process is followed that allows the current situation to be fully understood, the opportunity to be defined, sponsors identified etc. This enables the sales manager to ensure consistency of their sales forces’ questioning and qualification.

Specific question could also be used by Consultants, Engineers and in schools or university settings, for example it could be used to prepare a lesson planning template, or as a guideline for an essay or report.

Here is how you would create a specific question set for Staff Performance evaluation:

Performance evaluation should always involve an assessment of performance against previous evaluations and a general discussion and exchange of views around this.

As the reviewer you will need to ask open ended questions that encourage discussion, and cover all relevant points whether good or bad. It can be easy to forget during open ended discussion where you are and what's been covered, but the Questions tool then works as a framework to allow you to keep on top of this.


· Select the Tools Ribbon

· Select Edit Question sets

· Use the 'New Question Set' icon to create your new questions

New question sets can be based on existing question sets.

Once created, start adding the questions, type your questions into the New Question field and hit "return" to add it.

Use the Up, Down, left and Right arrows to give your question set structure.

Use the Add, Edit and Delete icons to modify your Question set.

Remember to Save your question set so can you use it again in the future.

Accessing questions at a later date.

Your new saved Question set will automatically be available for all new maps created.

Use the 'Question Sets' list on the Home or Tools ribbon to select and display a question set.

Question sets are personal by default and are stored in your My Documents\My MindGenius Templates\Questions folder

These XML files can be sent to any MindGenius user to add to their My Documents\My MindGenius Templates\Questions folder

Can you think of any other instances where it might be worthwhile to create a questioning framework in this way?

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