Friday, 11 December 2009

Enterprising teenager uses MindGenius to start her own business

Tammy Strickland, aged 15, has been a MindGenius user since the age of 9, using it to improve her study technique, and she has found it so helpful in achieving excellent results that she has recently set up a business, sharing her maps with other students sitting their Irish Junior Certificate exams.

Her father, Niall, is a long term user of MindGenius, going back to the early Ygnius days of the product and he introduced her to MindGenius. According to Niall, Tammy took to the method “like a duck takes to water” and since then she has actively used MindGenius to effectively study.

After using the tool for her Junior Certificate examination programme over the last 2 years, Niall commented to Tammy that the quality of her work was of such a high standard, and the results she achieved in the exams so good, that she should sell her notes to other students.

Tammy thought about her dad’s idea and agreed that her MindGenius study notes could help other students going through their exams and, with a little help from Niall to set up the web pages, Tammy soon had her site, up and running.

All of the maps and the work on the site are Tammy’s and now it seems she is on her way to having quite a successful business. The first purchasable product went live in November and despite the fact it has yet to be fully publicised, Tammy has sold over 100 maps to date and had several hundred downloads of her sample maps.

Tammy thinks that:
"Mindmaps created with MindGenius are a terrific aid to memory because they allow you to feed your brain in a way that allows you to effortlessly soak up knowledge. This can turn average students like me into high-achievers."

The first subject to go live on the site was Science, which incorporates 57 different mindmaps and the entire curriculum for that subject but this will be extended to several hundred mindmaps available for purchase in 10 different school subjects, with another 4 subjects due to go live over the next 4 weeks. Maps for French will go live this weekend.

Have you or your students/children used MindGenius for studying? What was the biggest benefit it brought to your efforts?


Anonymous said...

For my PhD thesis, I write the text in the note pane of each branch level 1 and use the other branches as aides-memoir on the top half of the screen. Then I export to Word using the "only branches with notes" option. This means I can write the sections in any order and concentrate on writing while Mindgenius looks after the structure.
A have also used categories to choose a set of ancient Greek letters for a talk I was giving from a very long list. By entering references for each one and categorising them according to theme, I was able to produce a categories map which made it easy to see which letters would suit my purpose. Then, It was only a short step to shaping the ones I'd chosen into notes for a well-structured talk, delivered using the mindmap as a guide.

MindGenius said...

Hi there,

Thanks for your comment. That's a really interesting use of MindGenius. If you would like to share your story with other students, and appear in a future edition of our newsletter, with further explanation on how MindGenius helps with your studies, please get in touch with me at



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