Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Improving meetings

The best time for a workplace meeting is 3pm on a Tuesday; according to a study because it is the time most attendees are likely to be free. Since meetings that don't make good use of time and don't achieve progress can be a big part of working life, what can we do to improve them?

Here at MindGenius, our top tips for improving meetings with MindGenius are:

  1. If you are the organiser create a framework in MindGenius, and outline the purpose of the meeting. You can then distribute it as an agenda so all attendees understand the reason the meeting is being held.

  2. If you are an attendee gather your thoughts in a map. This will only take a few minutes and make you look prepared when you arrive at your meeting.

  3. Consider how long the meeting needs to be and remember that the longer a meeting is, the more attendees’ attention may wander.

  4. Try out video conferencing or online meetings to ensure there is no time (or money) wasted with attendees travelling to meetings. There are lots of tools to facilitate this on the market now such as Webex or LiveMeeting and many of our customers use such tools along with MindGenius. Contact us if you would like some more information about this.

  5. Capture and fully document the discussion in real time with MindGenius. This also ensures there is no need to type up meeting notes afterwards. The map can also be exported to MS Word, if required, to distribute to all attendees.

  6. Use MindGenius to prioritise, agree and assign actions, resources and timelines, meaning actions can be started immediately and it’s immediately obvious what progress has been made.

  7. Pay attention to the meeting and wherever possible don’t fiddle with cell phones, PDA’s or laptops as it puts everyone off, not only that, it’s really difficult to give two things close attention!

  8. Use the map as a live working document and reference point to track developments over the course of a project. We do this internally at MindGenius, and it is especially helpful on larger projects and allows us to keep on track of where we are and where we need to be.

What are your tips for ensuring meetings are productive and effective?

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