Wednesday, 11 November 2009

How do I use MindGenius

Derek Jack is one of the Directors at MindGenius Ltd and set up the company along with fellow Director, Donald Maciver. They developed MindGenius initially back in 2001 to support the successful compliance management software Q-Pulse. They soon realised MindGenius could be used to solve multiple business challenges and Derek utilises MindGenius on a daily basis. Here he talks about the tasks he finds MindGenius brings the most value to.

If you look in my “Most Recently Used” list (MRU) you will always find the Project meeting map & Commercial meeting map. These maps help me to control the business and show me at a high level what projects we are working on as well as the overall status of projects. In addition, the map allows us to drill down and see, what we achieved last week, what are the priorities for this week, specific actions required, are there any red flags to achieving this, and what do we need to do to overcome the red flags. This is a simple and effective way to keep on top of all Projects throughout the company.

You'll also see maps associated with project stage 1 activity. Stage 1 is the inception stage of a project and involves domain analysis, brainstorming, gathering ideas, suggestions, user stories and enhancement requests.

Post Version 3 we are already looking at which projects we will be working on next. Already in the pipeline are; a map viewer (just released), our next maintenance release, a file converter which will allow users to convert maps from other mind mapping applications and many more.

Using MindGenius allows us to capture and truly understand, what is being asked for and why it is being asked for before we initiate a new project.

Fig 1 Project Initiation Instruction

This guarantees that we know why every single new feature and piece of functionality goes into the product and we don’t just add “bells and whistles” for the sake of it. Any new features added must match with customer requirements and enhance MindGenius's ability to deliver business processes.

We are always interested in customer product enhancement requests. What would you like to see in future versions?


Anonymous said...

can you include the feature of allowing 2 seperate and independant branches to be bought together as a single stream. There are many occasions when 2 seperate independant activities are required to finish a project or part of a project. Once those 2 activities are finished they combine to become the desired outcome. The desired outcome would be shown by bringing the 2 brances together. This in turn could be a subset of other combined branches. Mental connection does not effectively illustrate this.

DerekJ said...

Thanks for the suggestion. We have previously had requests for ‘curly brackets’ that would bring together two independent branches with the output being a new branch from which further branches could be developed. It sounds like this could satisfy your requirement? Can anyone else add to this request?

Colin said...

I was looking for this feature (merge branches) just yesterday. I think it could get quite messy if someone tried to connect distant branches, and spoil the elegance of a map, and overlap would be even worse, so maybe it should be restricted to adjacent or near-adjacent branches.

I was also looking for a way to add a boundary an item but not its children.

DerekJ said...

I can see the benefit of merging branches. I also agree with Colin, it would need careful consideration of how the map would look and functionally, how would these merged branches be handled within the explorer view, during export, etc.

Unknown said...

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