Tuesday, 13 October 2009

MindGenius 3 has landed

MindGenius 3 was released 2 weeks ago and since then we have received some great feedback on new features and functionality within Version 3.

Giles Massingham, District Manager UK, Bang & Olufsen Retail said: "MindGenius has always given me the ability to capture my ideas or customer requirements, then organise, understand and prioritize them quickly. After this, I can go on and share the map with colleagues or customers, or undertake the resulting actions. MindGenius 3 makes this process even more streamlined and effective. My job is extremely demanding and MindGenius 3 makes it so easy to handle my ideas and plans that I genuinely don't know what I would do without it."

New features in Version 3 include an updated Ribbon User Interface which helps improve functionality around analysis, task management, brainstorming, exporting and presentations. It groups together key functionality for undertaking these activities, making undertaking them even more streamlined.

The new export to Excel functionality seems to have struck a chord with many users excited about the possibilities this functionality offers around task management and numerical analysis of data. A full list of new features and functionality is available at http://www.mindgenius.com/upgrade.aspx.

For those of you who haven’t upgraded yet, MindGenius 3 is available at a special price of £88 /€ 101/$ 141 until December 31st 2009 to MindGenius Version 2 users. And remember, this special price still allows you to license the software on 2 Personal Computers, e.g. business PC & home PC or business PC & laptop PC. The software can only be run on one PC system at any time. This is not valid on the Academic version of MindGenius.

Why not download the 30-day trial now, you do not need to uninstall MindGenius V2 as both versions will run side by side.

If you are new to MindGenius, MindGenius 3 is available to purchase for just £147 /€ 169/$ 221, per single user licence (allows installation on 2 machines). All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Academic user? MindGenius Education 3 is now available. Please visit http://www.mindgenius.com/academic-upgrade.aspx to find out more.

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