Sunday, 27 September 2009

MindGenius Version 3 Now Released

In response to outstanding customer demand and feedback, MindGenius is delighted to release Version 3 of its popular business mapping application.

MindGenius 3 has been designed specifically to facilitate the journey from initial thought through to actions, output and results. MindGenius 3 offers improved functionality around analysis, task management, brainstorming, exporting and presentations. In particular, the new export to Excel functionality takes business mapping into a whole new dimension.

Company Director Derek Jack said:
"MindGenius 3 was produced to align it more closely with business processes and is one of the few tools on the market that was designed specifically around its ability to facilitate these processes. Version 3 makes it even easier for our users to work with their information and ideas and undertake the key business tasks we all have to face regularly such as planning, projects and presentations."

MindGenius 3 is available to purchase for just £147/ €169/ $235 per single user licence. Existing MindGenius Version 2 customers can also upgrade for just £88/ €104/ $141 per single user licence. This offer is valid until December 31st 2009. For multiple user licence pricing, please visit All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Find out more about new features and functionality or download a 30 day free trial at

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Murdo said...

Had my first look at MindGenius 3 tonight and it looks great - real powerful around manipulation of data and in its ability to create pivot tables in excel

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