Sunday, 2 August 2009

Planning a last minute holiday

We started Summer with promises of sunshine and an all out heatwave, but with the MET office changing their predictions and most of the country being lashed with rain, many people, myself included, are taking the opportunity to book a last minute deal to somewhere that is experiencing great weather, with ABTA reporting a surge in such bookings.

While booking a last minute holiday should deliver on the sunshine stakes, preparing for it is stressful with 101 things to think about from what to take with you, to what to do when you arrive, and with less time to prepare tension can rise and tempers flare.

One way to reduce stress levels, is to use MindGenius to plan for your holiday. Doing this not only saves time but should ensure you cover all eventualities. Preparing a basic holiday preparation map takes just minutes. Your level 1 branches should cover things like what to do, what to take, what to purchase etc and these can be easily built up using Type and Return.

Then you can go on to outline the specifics of this. For example, under packing, you could outline the types of things you need to take, toiletries, accessories, clothes specific to certain times ie for day or for evening wear. This will ensure you only take what's required - no more squeezing your over-flowing suitcase closed!

And under things to do, you could outline available excursions, restaurants you would like to visit, bars that sell nice cocktails. Then you could go onto to outline what the cost of these excursions is, average cost for a meal etc. This can help you to plan and to budget for your holiday, all the more important in these credit crunch days.

Spending a few minutes preparing a map can help you to spend less time stressing before you get to your sun lounger and sangria!


Anonymous said...

And don't forget your sunglasses (perhaps add them a third time? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have been using this for holidays for some years and one of the bigest benfits is that each year I can use the previous years as a starting point!

MindGenius said...

That's a good point! This cuts your planning time even more.

PS Sunglasses are a vital accessory for any sunshine holiday hence the multiple reminders on the map! ;0)

Anonymous said...

I agree, I have not used MG for my holiday planning yet but will be before I go away in 4 weeks.

What a great idea :)

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