Sunday, 2 August 2009 An example of how to breakdown complex issues using MindGenius

Everyone is worried about swine flu at the moment with the media full of conflicting stories about steps we should take to avoid it but with so much information available it can be difficult to understand what is correct. According to the Royal College of GPs, even doctors are receiving “poor and inconsistent communication, including lengthy documents that are unworkable."

In situations like this, where there is an abundance of information on complex issues, it is important to find a way to disseminate knowledge in a more logical, accessible, and memorable way.

One organisation who is using MindGenius to do precisely this is
. This site is a growing venture aimed at medical students and doctors, which offers a free library of mindmaps on various topics from depression to deep vein thrombosis. The site is a work in progress and it’s expanding by the day.

Its creator, Dr. Jorge Zimbron, believes that:

“MindGenius has proven to be a very useful tool for displaying complex medical topics in an original and attractive way. Having all the information in one page significantly increases the speed of revision and allows for connections to be made between different areas of one subject. The program allows you to create templates with ease, and this enables you to create mindmaps in a much more efficient way than if you had to do them by hand.”

Sarcoidosis Map

Take a moment to a look at this great website and its mindmaps for yourself!


However, it's not just in medicine that this technique can be useful. This can also be done to disseminate large amounts of complex information out to teams and entire organisations no matter which industry you work in. Do you use MindGenius in this way?

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Yorkshire Gig Guide said...

A really interesting site- I am a nurse in learning Disabilities and have long used mind maps and mindgenius particularly- it's good to see you doctors finally catching up with us nurses!

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