Monday, 31 August 2009

Hints and Tips


If you are using MindGenius to plan a project, it can be helpful to add Resources to your map so you can gain an understanding of who needs to do what.

To assign Resources:

You can import your contacts from MS Outlook.

Follow these steps:

  • File
  • Outlook Sharing
  • Import Resources from MS Outlook

You can also deselect certain resources if you don't wish them to be imported to your map by unchecking the tick mark at the side. If you find you have imported Resources that aren’t required, such as personal rather than work contacts, go to Edit/My Resources and you can select individuals to remove or remove in bulk.

To assign a Resource, either highlight the branch you wish to assign a Resource to and double-click, and the initials of the resource will be added, or, if you need to add the same Resource to multiple branches, select the Properties Dropper and click on each branch that requires the addition of the Resource. The initials of the selected Resource will now appear on the selected branch.

If you would like to see the workload of a Resource, select View/Create Resource Map and this will create a separate map that allows you to see at a glance who has been assigned tasks.

This is ideal for managing a small project, or if you are working on a large and complex project, you can click “export to Project” to create a fully formatted and editable MS Project plan.

Quick hint and tip

F2 - Short cut key to edit

In the same way as MS Office packages, MindGenius allows you to use F2 to edit, Just hit the F2 key and the "edit branch" dialogue will appear and allow you to quickly format the text on your branch.

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