Sunday, 2 August 2009

Back to School with MindGenius

Mind Mapping has been used in education for many years now although doing it electronically is a fairly new phenomenon of the last few years. However, sometimes this use can be limited to the “expected” subjects such as English or Social subjects such as History. However, one man has been trying to spread the word on how MindGenius and mind mapping can be used by any department in a school for almost any subject.

Former Deputy Head Teacher, and now educational consultant, Harry Hughes has been using MindGenius at St Andrew's High School in Coatbridge, Scotland. While he is still using it to great effect in English classes to create critical evaluations on texts and to facilitate class discussion in Geography classes, Harry has also used it across the curriculum in subjects from Science to Home Economics.

Another interesting use was in a behaviour support class set up for students who were experiencing problems in that area. In this case, four S3 pupils were reflecting on what happens when they get angry and with the teacher's help were listing the feelings of anger they experience, grouping feelings and trying to categorise the kinds of things which make them feel angry and from that trying to draw up “coping” strategies to allow them to better manage their behaviour. S5 pupils also used MindGenius to plan out their personal statements for UCAS forms.

Anger Management Map

Harry said:

MindGenius is an ideal tool for use by teachers and learners at all stages in education.

Having used MindGenius in collaborative learning sessions in classrooms across the curriculum I have seen countless examples of how teachers and pupils can use the software to capture and organise ideas and concepts in ways that keep pupils motivated and engaged.

Are any teachers out there using MindGenius in an unexpected way? How are your students reacting? Or, would you consider using MindGenius in any of these different subject areas?

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