Tuesday, 23 June 2009

MindGenius for all the family

Do you use MindGenius in the office to help with planning, presentations, or report writing? Are you a parent? If so, these techniques can also be applied to help your children structure their ideas, build on their organisational abilities and improve their studying efforts.

Over 500 schools use MindGenius in the classroom and around 350 Further Education establishments across the UK, and internationally, have installed site licences, giving access to all students across their campus. However, benefits can be enhanced when school students also use MindGenius when they are working individually on school projects at home.

We have heard evidence from those who work in education and those of us with children have witnessed at home how MindGenius can help children achieve more and grow in confidence.

One way it can help them to do this is to assist with their studying efforts.

A Standard Grade [GCSE Level] pupil at St Andrew's High School in Coatbridge said:

"Before we did a Cell map I sat the General Exam and got a Grade 7(mark too low to score). After seeing a map being developed in class and using it to study I sat the Credit Exam (more difficult level) and I got a Grade 1.

The teacher read one of my answers out to class saying this was someone who clearly knows about the topic. "

Mind Mapping is a technique that has been used as a study technique for many years, however, it's not just studying that can be improved with MindGenius. Amanda Burkett, Health and Social Care student at Salisbury College has found MindGenius has allowed her to improve her presentation efforts. She said:

"I have been using MindGenius to help with my Health and Social care college course work for a couple of years now, in particular for presentations. I enjoy using it and like the fact I can insert pictures and use it for presenting to my class. For one course I received a merit and I think MindGenius helped me to achieve this."

And when it comes to essay writing, Rita Carey, an English Teacher at St Andrews High School has commented:

"MindGenius helps develop pupils' skill in grouping related points together - a real advantage when it comes to writing critical essays like critical evaluations.”

Have you used MindGenius with your own children yet? Would you like to share their success stories with other people? Do you work in education and have seen MindGenius in action with school pupils? If so, please post your stories below.

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