Tuesday, 23 June 2009

How I use MindGenius

MindGenius is used by everyone in-house at MindGenius Ltd, no matter what their job role is, however, everyone uses it in a way that is personal to them. Different team members will explain how they use MindGenius in their role and hopefully give you some new ideas on how you can apply it too.

Dustin Newport, Commercial Director

I have been in the business of Mindmapping software for approaching 5 years now. I use MindGenius in front of clients. It’s less about showing them our software, and much more about having a medium for collecting information and understanding their business challenges. The maps enable us to gain clarity and alignment in each sales meeting. I also use MindGenius as a personal dashboard for starting each day and have a clear picture of my key goals and objectives.

My top 3 things to use MindGenius for

1. Personal dashboard of immediate things that need to be done, as well as my ‘radar’ of things I’m generally thinking about or need to keep an eye on. I have these synchronised with my Outlook task manager which in turn is in synch with my Blackberry.

2. Exploring a new set of ideas. Recently I needed to revamp our channel partner program. I conducted the entire process in MindGenius and then used the map as a vehicle for internally soliciting input from my colleagues. For me, no other piece of traditional office software allows me to think through my ideas so thoroughly and rapidly.

3. Presenting to new customers. Using MindGenius combined with an online meeting tool such as Webex or NetViewer, allows me to give an interactive presentation to customers wherever they are based in the world. While linear presentation tools such as MS PowerPoint still have their place, for me the interactive benefits such as the way it enables full participation and dialogue to be rapidly established across all parties sets it apart from such linear tools. I can also capture customer requirements as we speak, ensuring my understanding of their requirements is 100% accurate.

Do you use MindGenius in a commerical or sales capacity? Do you use it for the same things as Dustin?


Anonymous said...

I suspect most people have at least three uses for Mindgenius.
I use it for thinking through problems, outlining my ideas and chapters for my PhD and for preparing and delivering sermons.
The ease of input and reorganisation plus the ability to produce different views makes it many times faster and effective than using the old coloured pens and paper.

MindGenius said...

Thanks for your contribution, it’s good to know that MindGenius is being used for such a variety of tasks.

Unknown said...

Totally agree with Dustin on point 3. Any organization that is serious about Web 2.0 / Sales 2.0 should be using MindGenius as the tool to drive online collaboration.

Flann1gan said...

Up until recently, I worked in the advertising industry (before I knew about MindGenius) and ran many briefing and planning sessions.

I really wish I had access to MindGenius then as its such a good way to capture and record adhoc ideas that the meetings generated.

Lorna E said...

I find MindGenius really useful for mapping out my weekly activities, even if I don't know the full details on a Monday morning, by putting the key points on a mindmap, I can add more detail as the week progresses.

AlanH said...

I use Mind Genius for just about everything. Mainly I use it for managing short and long term to do list and goals. I find the physical act of ticking off or changing status is a great way to see where you are at any point in time.
I also use Mind Genius for capturing data during sales meetings on-line or in front of customers. One of the best things I find about using Mind Genius is that it is so quick and easy to capture data. I tend to get more information down about a prospects requirements when compared with a traditional pen and paper. I don't how many meetings I have walked out of before using Mind Genius and all I had was two lines written at the top of the page which I then had to try to turn in to a professional follow up. With Mind Genius I can copy and paste or export to word to create follow ups and proposals based on the rich information captured in the meeting.
I find that the best approach to selling is to work collaboratively with prospects to develop solutions, using Mind Genius allows an interactive discussion to occurr with input from both sides captures as you go. This makes it a natural fit with SPIN selling or other consultative sales approaches.

Ashley said...

As COO I find that using MindGenius ensures that our Quarterly strategy meetings are able to be efficiently and effectively controlled. Mindgenius provides the ability to utilise quickly the brain storming benefit of these sessions to produce a structured and easily manipulated view of our agreed objectives. In addition the role of COO requires considerable tracking of tasks within the variety of departments that I manage. I utilise Mindgenius to keep an accurate view on the key objectives for each department and prioritise key targets for the week. Whenever needing to prepare key presentations or meetings with clients I also find that MindGenius is an ideal way of collecting my thoughts and help to plan the actual content.

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