Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Customer Spotlight - Lumison

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Lumison use MindGenius to tackle complex business challenges for its clients

MindGenius has over 300,000 registered users of its business and educational mind mapping applications. These users come from a variety of industries. Each month, we will be focusing on how MindGenius is applied in a customer organisation.

This month we are looking at Lumison, the UK internet service provider who is using MindGenius to accurately capture the complex requirements of clients and then demonstrate its solutions for managed networks, hosting and applications.

The adoption of MindGenius enables Lumison to accurately capture, plan and demonstrate the complex requirements for managed networks, hosting and applications and help keep these projects on time and budget.

“The scale and complexity of client requirements at Lumison had escalated to the point where our teams were engaged with senior decision makers but finding it challenging to maintain momentum and clear direction because of the complexity of issues being discussed”, said Chris Shields, Client Director at Lumison. “MindGenius completely simplifies that process and allows us to visualise the clients project and address all the business challenges with a client then directly map them back to our solutions. MindGenius is the perfect tool for capturing client needs clearly to underpin a consultative sales process – more important than ever in today’s climate.”

The Lumison sales team and executives use MindGenius to capture every aspect of a project assignment presenting a visualisation of the project as a working-plan, taking advantage of the fast and intuitive interface and assigning actions through outlook on the completion of a visualisation. Continued Shields: “business-mapping is a hugely powerful technique yet so simple and using MindGenius in this way is a far more engaging experience and it enables us to save both our customers and our Client Managers time and effort in finding solutions to real business challenges.”

Lumison enables their clients business applications by bringing together three portfolio elements: managed networks, managed hosting, and managed applications. Founded in 1995, Lumison is one of a few business-class ISPs in the UK to own and manage its own datacentre facilities, providing high quality IP network.

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